Jesse James


There are billions of people on this planet, so why are we forced to hear about the same five celebrities every day? I know that every person has a story worth hearing, so it’s my job to be their voice.

Tell me why you juggle three jobs while being a full time student. Tell me how you ended up homeless. Tell me about the last person you fell in love with.

Tell me more…


Photo on 7-14-14 at 3.19 PM

My name is Jesse Steele. I am a student at Gordon College and I study communications and kinesiology. I have no clue exactly what I want to do, but I feel like it’ll be a blend of public health, international development, the United Nations and journalism.

I love travelings; I’ve been to Bermuda, Nicaragua, Belize and, most recently, Rwanda (check out my experience page here –> ‎). I’ve made it my mission to see the world and share the beautiful places I see, as well as the wonderful people I meet.

This blog will hopefully be a mix of learning, living and loving, with a nice rant or thought explosion here and there. Welcome aboard.


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